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abbott_newman's Journal

Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman|Sinful Desires
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This is a fan run community to gush/chat about the fabulous of these two! SO if your a fan i Welcome you if not your just joining to bait people please just find a comunity for that. only a few rules No taking of icons unless they state that's it's okay no taking graphics/fanfics/videos and claim them as your own.No Bashing these two actors/Characters!Have Fun!
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About The Couple

After Colleen's death, the two reconcile, and amid scandal Victoria quits her job at Newman due to the article Billy Abbott published on her affair with Deacon. She then believes she needs a break, so she goes to Dubai and J.T. and Reed are still in Genoa City. While she is away, J.T. grows close to Mackenzie Browning, the woman he dated a few years back. When Victoria comes home, she grows close to Billy Abbott. She and J.T. get into a fight and she storms off. Victoria comes home and is furious to find Mackenzie there. She and J.T. then decide that their marriage is over.

On February 10, Victoria is named CEO of Jabot Cosmetics by her father. After Victoria is told that Adam Newman helped Victor to win Jabot in the bids, she refuses the offer, much to Victor's dismay.

Victoria and Billy begin a tumultuous romance that she insists on keeping secret. The secret nature of their relationship causes problems on the night of Adam Newman's murder. Though Billy and Victoria were in bed together at the time of Adam's murder, Victoria will not verify her whereabouts to the police and is placed under arrest, which causes her to miss the hearing at which custody of her son, Reed, will be determined. In her absence, the judge rules that her soon- to-be-ex-husband will gain full custody of Reed.

As Victoria is on the verge of being denied bail for Adam's murder, Billy attempts to save her, citing that they were together and that he's her alibi. Victoria tells him to shut up and denies everything he says. Billy goes to see her after the fiasco; they argue and part ways. Victoria's charges are dropped as the DA set his sights on two more likely suspects, her brother Nicholas and her father, Victor.

Victoria and Billy cross paths while at the 'Newman-Abbott Meeting' held by Sharon and Phyllis, attempting to rally support against the District Attorney in the form of a lawsuit. Billy is the only Abbott in favor of this. Later, at the GCAC, Victoria apologizes to him for the argument while she was in lockup. She admits that she enjoys spending time with him. Victoria stops Billy from kissing her in public, despite the cat being out of the bag,{per Billy}. He asks if she's playing hard to get, and she responds, "yes."

A second custody hearing is scheduled, where Victoria hopes to earn joint custody of Reed. However, after Tucker McCall tips off the judge that Victor tried to keep J.T. from missing the hearing, full custody is awarded to J.T. Billy convinces a depressed Victoria to hop on a plane to Jamaica with him. After a night of heavy drinking, the two get married. The next morning, they wake up and remember what happened. Victoria instantly states that she wants to get the marriage annulled; Billy would prefer to see where things go, but cannot bring himself to say that he loves her. Victor calls Victoria and, after learning that she is in Jamaica, asks her to come home immediately to help with a work-related issue. Jack similarly calls Billy and asks him to come home to deal with a problem with Ashley. Victor and Jack are shocked to find Victoria and Billy together at the airport. Victor berates Victoria for her involvement with Billy, but she points out that she is both divorced and an adult, and does not have to listen to her father. Similarly, when Jack tries to warn Billy off of the relationship, Billy points out that Jack is the last person who should be giving relationship advice.

After coming across a video of Victoria and Billy's wedding on Billy's computer, Abby Newman reveals the news of the wedding to many of the residents of Genoa City. J.T. is disgusted by the news, claiming that this action helps support his claim that Victoria is unfit to raise Reed; Billy's ex-wife, Chloe, is also upset. Later, however, it is learned that Victoria and Billy's wedding was not legal. The two continue to see each other.